Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mnt. Katahdin.

This hike I had a chance to walk around Chimney pond and take few photos (about 800…) and I stitched some of them together to make panoramic view.

Going down to the Chimney Pond.

Only one mile to the top from this point ….


Finally – above the tree line! This is why I hike – to see the view!

It is always fun to meet new people and hike together!

While we were trying to figure out where we will go; the rest of our group was already on the way to the top!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bil's 57th hike up Kathadin!
(If I would not slow down Bil with my “turtle speed”, he would be running along the Knife Edge by now!)

Varvara: I barely can move my legs after hike but I did not regret my decision to hike. It was absolutely gorgeous day. I reach my goal and clime to the top of Saddle trail. I hope someday I will recover from my injury and will be able to hike to the top again. The little “paddle” just below my feet is Chimney Pond.

Chimney Pond (2914’). The view was spectacular!

The smallest group is at the "half-way-rock” point.
(Left to right: Mark, Dana, Varvara and Bil)

This is the place where all of us get together.
Thank for Julie and Ron for inviting us to stay at their camp!